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The Browns

We were fumbling with the tech side of our business and needed some quick guidance. We contacted Sherrod and his team and. we must honestly say things could not be going better. We cannot wait to see what is going to happen next with our company. Thank you Sherrod!!

Rebecca Fowler

Pricing was affordable and services even better. I more than got what I paid for. Thank you Sherrod your leadership skills and business knowledge is amazing. I felt like the whole time we were talking, I was enrolled in an amazing trading course.


I have worked with other companies that profess they are allegedly Real Estate Gurus around, only to be sadly disappointed. I am not one to give up so when I saw Sherrod’s advertisement, I decided to contact him. Definitely the smartest Real Estate decision I have ever made.

Lydia Billings

Sherrod and his team has taken the guessing out of helping me build my brand twin multi million dollar business. He has been very essential and very hands-on and helping us develop and create different lanes in what we do.

Mary Susan Harris

Sign up to meet with Sherrod today, changed my life! I have financial freedom again.

Maria Willing

Pigee’s team has saved us thousands of dollars and a lot of headache and heartache with his knowledge dealing with protecting our digital real estate.

Alana Buckingham

Sherrod has been a blessing, he has taught me and my group of investors about the importance of securing creative financing as well as from the mistakes that he has made in residential property as well as commercial property.”

Kim Coulter

Sherrod thank you for my Financial Freedom! Amazing process!


I have to be honest I really thought that there wasn’t a company out there that was going to be able to help me not only raise my credit score, but help me to understand my credit score. Sherrod and his team spoke to me at a vocabulary and pace that I could follow. I felt respected and informed throughout the whole process.

Andrew Headley

I was fumbling with the tech side of my business and needed some quick guidance. I contacted Sherrod and his team and I must honestly say things could not be going better. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next with my company. Thank you Sherrod!!

Cameron Billings

I had just graduated from college and I was eager to dive into starting my own business,. I had studied a lot about what types of businesses were making money in our location and economy, but I learned zero knowledge about how to actually form a business. I always thought it was as simple as going to the bank and qualifying for a loan. That would be easy because I had great credit and no debt. Boy was I wrong!! The only thing I was right on was that I would qualify for a loan. I had no idea that I would need to secure my domain name, pick a location that attracts the right population for the business I was growing and how to track my reviews and revenue. I asked a friend of mine, whom was a successful business owner who he interfaced with and he told me a guy by the name of Sherrod Pigee. Boy did I hit the jackpot!

Cynthia Reinhardt

Sherrod has helped countless businesses around the world develop great skills, systems and techniques to grow their businesses expeditiously.

Michael Diamond

Sherrod’s expertise, experiences and leadership skills have helped me to create a relentless and global team consisting of well-versed programmers from around the world.


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